In recent years, several infectious diseases have become a public health problem in Brazil. Among them, we can highlight HIV, HTLV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, systemic mycoses and more recently the Dengue Virus, Chikungunya, Zika, Yellow Fever. In this way, we believe that the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul can propose actions aimed at internationalization in the area of infectious diseases by:

1) mobility of researchs and students in scientific activities in USA;
2) offering international courses; and
3) attraction of foreign students.

We intend to offer disciplines in English condensed in the mentioned area with the professors that are part of the proposal, in addition we intend to provide missions of professors of the UFMS to Stanford and specific training through scholarships of doctorate sandwich and postdoctoral in the Stanford and CDC. The area of infectious diseases has a long tradition in our institution with several projects being executed in collaboration with Oswaldo Cruz Foundation and University of São Paulo. Regarding international projects, within this proposal, we already have 4 projects funded in collaboration with Stanford University and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC, Atlanta). This project will contribute and facilitate the mobility among students and researchers through missions, traninng, doctorate sandwich and post doctoral senior among UFMS, Stanford and CDC. It is important to note that Stanford University is among the 10 best universities in the world, and it is currently the university that receives the most funding in the United States. We believe this collaboration will help to internationalize UFMS graduate program in infectious diseases and in that way we will be able to increase our assessment score from 5 to 6. The project is coordinated by Julio Henrique Rosa Croda (CNPq researcher level 2), from the UFMS School of Medicine and has
participation of 5 national researchers and 4 international researchers.